Selling Property in Edmonton

Selling a Home Well - Requires an Experienced Professional.

Sell Our Home - Edmonton, ab


Experience is essential - An Experienced Real Estate Professional can be the difference between whether or not:

  • You could have made more on your Sale
  • You waste time with unqualified Buyers, during critical marketing time
  • You have to make extra mortgage payments
  • Your Home sells in a fixed amount of time (job transfer, military, etc.)
  • Your Home doesn't sell...& you miss out on buying a home you loved
  • You lose or keep a serious qualified Buyer
  • Your listing sits on M.L.S with no photos, or a poor description
  • The potential Buyer hears back from your Realtor in a timely manner
  • the list goes on & on...

Don't be fooled. There are a ton of 'discount brokerages' out there - any reasonably competent person can place your listing on MLS. *However, only an Experienced Real Estate Professional with a sense of respect, pride, knowledge, compassion & diligence can facilitate a Sale with your interests being forefront...accurate & profitable. The number 1 skill of a successful Realtor, is the ability to listen.

"Although I certainly welcome new Clients - over 90% of my business is consistently referred by my past Clients. It’s a wonderful way to meet people who have been referred by someone they trust...& truthfully, it makes for a much more comfortable transition at a time when they may be stressed out & all they really need is honesty & reliability."

The money You make (& Save) from Selling a Home may be substantial - don't leave it to chance. Many times unfortunately, I've seen folks Sell their Homes for much less than they could have. It's quite possible that their situation was dire, or it could simply be that they placed their trust in the wrong person, or maybe the Seller's themselves thought they had a good understanding of the market.

Get The Help You Need.

Over many years, I've had the pleasure of creating working relationships with the Best Professionals in the industry. These tried & true industry Professionals encompass all aspects of the Real Estate community including: Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Home Inspectors, Contractors, Home Builders, etc. *All of our Clients have complete access to these Professionals who not only offer the Best possible service, they offer the Best possible price.

When You List Your Home with me...MY Experience in Real Estate becomes Your Experience. You (& Your potential Buyer) may also benefit from our *Preferred Professionals. There's nothing left to chance. We are here to ensure things go a time when You Need things to go right.

To Renovate First or Not?

Great Question! I've heard it a million times & expect I'll hear it a million more. If you're selling your Home right now, do you spend $$ to make it more marketable?? Will I get that money back out of it??

There are certain rooms in a Home that should be a priority to update in order to compete with our record levels of inventory. Bottom line is, spending money renovating can be rewarding...if it's spent correctly! Otherwise, you may be throwing money out the window. Call me, I'll come for a coffee & help you determine where your $$ would be best spent...or if it's necessary to spend at all.

*We also provide Interior design/Staging for our Clients upon request. Another helpful tool to highlight your Home & help it stand out. 

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