Edmonton For Sale By Owner Sellers

Attempting to save Money is usually the issue when selling yourself...that's understandable. Why pay a Real Estate agent when you can do the job yourself? Good question!

The answer is...85% of homes SOLD, are SOLD by Real Estate Professionals.

Honestly Ask Yourself:

Can you market your home to a global audience? Are you selling your home for its full value?  I've heard the same story all too often unfortunately. People who've undersold their homes...& hindsight is always 20/20.

  • How did you determine your home's value?
  • Are you aware of your home's full potential?
  • Have you received interior/exterior design or staging advice?
  • Have you considered the security issues of selling yourself? Most people viewing your home are complete strangers & you may not be unaware of their true intentions.
  • If over-priced, are you aware of the complications? There is a fine line between being overpriced and leaving money on the table.
  • Do you have access to Global Marketing? The bottom line is Superior Advertising & Marketing produces Superior results.
  • Can you massively Market your Home locally?
  • What benefits can you offer a Buyer?
  • Do you have resources such as; *preferred Mortgage Brokers that will guarantee the best possible interest rates/terms? *Preferred Lawyers that will offer discounted rates & exceptional service? *Preferred Home Inspectors ensuring "peace of mind" leaving no stone unturned, etc.

Real Estate Professionals are the Best Choice for Sellers.

 Consider the Advantages from Your potential Buyer's perspective.

...Buyers are extremely well educated in today's market:

  • Access to up to the minute information.
  • Access to above mentioned *Preferred Services alone means a HUGE SAVINGS for a Buyer. Simply because of working relationships, Mortgage Brokers, Banking Institutions, Lawyers & Home Inspectors, etc. will often provide substantial discounts to the Agent's Clients. Not to mention the relief of being referred to tried & true Professionals, provides an invaluable comfort knowing their transaction is being taken care of properly.
  • Access to Preferred Home Builders
  • Instant information provided, direction & guidance every step of the way.
  • Archive information on potential purchases (crucial information when Buying)
  • Professional assessments of value.
  • Instruction on the legalities of the offer process & conditions.
  • A Complete negotiating tool. Many buyers prefer to leave negotiation to the Professional. An Experienced Professional knows how to negotiate the Best Price/Terms for You.

Realtor's not only Separate the Lookers from the Buyers, Realtor's enable potential Buyers with invaluable advice. Advice for example, that may be the difference between the Buyer being able to Qualify for Financing or not.