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Buying & Building a New Home.

I will Help You Find the Right Builder.   After 20 years in Real Estate, I can tell you that not all Builders are equal.  Though most Builders aspire to be competent, I’ve found varying degrees of workmanship, responsibility w/respect to sub-trades, manor in which the Client is treated…& a substantial difference in their ability to listen to […]

Does It Cost Us Anything To Hire An Agent?

Does it cost us anything to hire a Professional Agent? Do Buyers pay any commission to use a Real Estate Professional? The answer is no.  As a Buyer, it costs you absolutely nothing to hire a Professional Real Estate Agent. In truth, it makes no sense for a Buyer not to use a Professional.  We’ve […]

Are Commissions Negotiable?

How Do Commissions Work? Professional Real Estate is a service.  Like many services, our fees can be negotiated.  Granted, there are some Real Estate Agents that never (or say they never) reduce or negotiate their commissions.  Of course, I can only speak for us & what we do. The fact is, we’ve worked with many of […]

Private Home Sales.

The Meat & Bones of Private Sales. Do private home sales work??  The short answer is…sometimes.  Although it may seem funny & a bit over-simplified, if the ‘stars are aligned’ & the Buyer just happens to stumble upon your private listing…there’s a chance. This realm of home sales isn’t affected by market inventory as much […]

Does Discount Real Estate Work??

The Truth about Discount Brokerages & Discount Realty… If you want to “shoot yourself in the foot”, this is the best way!  So here you are, trying to do yourself a favour & save money while selling your home.  The discount brokerage has promised you certain services for a certain discounted fee. It may be […]

Canada’s Real Estate Future.

Canada, once known mainly for its Mounties, maple leaves, and muscular peacekeeping presence…can now crow about how it managed to avoid the financial crisis that devastated many of the economies of the Western world.  For instance, not one Canadian bank failed during the crash and only one reported a loss. David Rosenberg, an economist for […]

Questions to Ask When Assessing Home Features.

This is an Investment.  How well it grows will depend on the Questions you ask today.    – Do you need several bedrooms, more than one bathroom, space for a home office, a two-car garage? – Do you want air conditioning, storage or hobby space, a fireplace, a swimming pool?  Do you have family members […]

First Time Buyer – Where To Start?

To begin with, let me say…”First Time Buyers are an Absolute Pleasure to help”.  We genuinely enjoy sharing our years of Experience & Knowledge.  Guiding You toward an Accurate Investment Decision. Over the years…I’ve often heard, “I’m completely new at this, so I have no idea what to really look out for.” “Let me tell you, […]

6 Mistakes Home Buyers Make.

Mistake #1.  Not Using A Professional Real Estate Agent. Calling the number on the sign or trying to do it yourself, is not a good idea unless you’ve got years of experience.  We’ve been trading Real Estate for almost 15 years.  We’ve negotiated tens of millions of dollars worth of Real Estate, taken thousands of hours […]

What You Need To Know…& Where To Start.

“Although we certainly welcome new Clients, over 90% of our business is referred to us by our past Clients. *All of our Clients at any time, are willing to be questioned about our performance.”