Marketing Strategies

Unprecedented Marketing & Advertising

Each home is different & must be treated as such, to emphasize & promote it's own unique qualities.

Regardless of Individual Characteristics, Every One of Our Listings Will Benefit From Our Services Listed Below.

...All proven to give You Maximum Exposure with Superior Results.

What To Expect At The Start...

A simple process:

  • Research on our part- A property history, tax assessment & a complete accurate analysis of comparable Available & Sold listings in Your neighborhood - including a comprehensive review of the Solds "days on market", specific locations & interior relevance
  • Our Initial Meeting- Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have.  I may ask you to provide us with a copy of the building plans or current tax info
  • *Upon Request - A Staging Meeting - Home Staging/Interior Designer available to maximize your home's potential
  • Establish Your Motives, Limitations & Objectives
  • Examine the Marketing Plan
  • Establish an Asking Price

What To Expect Afterward...

Worldwide Attention & Serious Buyers:

  • 24/7 Timely Service & Experienced Direction - To You...& Your Potential Buyers!
  • Professional Ad Design & Development
  • Professionally Written Ad/Marketing Descriptions & Photos *(placed immediately - no photos equals no interest)
  • Full Color Print Ads & Information Sheets - Available to Buyers during showings &/or Open Houses
  • Full Color Signage (post & directional) 
  • Immediate Neighborhood "Just Listed" Brochure Notification
  • Full Color Professional Real Estate Magazine Print Ads - *Upon request
  • International RE/MAX Referral System
  • Open House Caravan (notifies local Realtors)
  • Professional Weekly Market Updates
  • In-House Staff - An entire office of resource dedicated solely to You & Your Home. Extremely effective in maintaining listing awareness, providing immediate response to potential buyers, obtaining immediate feedback, etc.  
  • Considerate & Reasonable notice for showings - *All agents must contact us prior to showing Your Home 
  • Feedback on showings- We will let you know what potential Buyers & Professionals are saying about Your Home
  • Access to all of our Preferred Professionals - Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Home Inspectors, Home Builders, Contractors, etc.
  • My years of experience when it comes time to negotiate an offer - Invaluable. 

Global Internet Advertising - Coverage via:

  • M.L.S- Multiple Listing Service - Locally In Edmonton, over 4000 Agents have access to your listing, also available/accessible Worldwide
  • | | - with extensive Internet lead sources directing traffic to Your Listing & full MLS resource access
  • website offering full access to MLS searching
  • Bus bench advertising directing traffic to & your listing
  • Global M.L.S Internet Exposure - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.  Occasionally, we SELL property to international Buyers.
  • Re/Max Excellence website offering full access to MLS
  • Re/Max Western Canada - website offering full access to MLS
  • Multiple lead generating websites directing traffic to Your Listing
  • Public & private advertising/marketing venues directing traffic to Your Listing

Note: All listings are unique. Some may require different advertising and marketing mediums/plans based on relevant criteria such as location, seller limitations, etc. Contact us for more information at (780) 445-8575.

Your Home Will Be Advertised

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Note: Massive Marketing Exposure is only one of the necessary steps to SELLING your home - PRICING WELL plays a vital role.