Pricing Strategies

  • How Will You Select a Real Estate Agent?
  • How to Price & Sell Our Home - Edmonton, ab

Keep this in mind:

An Agent doesn't control the market. Never select an agent based on price...or their evaluation of your property. Why!? Simple...Any Agent can 'Buy' your listing by over-pricing it. Promising you an unrealistic value, may keep your home on the market for a very long time. Forcing you to miss out on homes you were looking to purchase, forcing you to pay additional mortgage payments, or potentially costing you that promotion (you had to relocate for), etc.

Remember, while all that time is going by...the Agent who over-priced your property is still receiving & benefitting from phone calls, internet inquiries, buyer leads, etc. *Always select a Real Estate Professional based on their experience, attitude, integrity...& most importantly, ability to listen. *Working with someone who has done a good job for you in the past is always a good idea.

An experienced Agent should be able to answer these questions:

  • How much realistically will Buyers pay for a home like ours?
  • Will Our Home be Shown to Qualified Buyers?
  • The Role of a Real Estate Agent in Pricing?
  • What are All the Principles of Evaluation & Value?
  • Which Principles of Evaluation are Relevant to us in Pricing Our Home?
  • Should we Play the market or Price it Right at the Beginning? - Will that have an Impact on Our Final Sale Price?
  • Which Factors play the Biggest Role with respect to Future Resale Value?
  • Will Small Repairs Make a Substantial Difference in Sale Price?
  • Is it Better to use a Discount Brokerage when Selling? - Are there any consequences? - Can We Pocket More Money?

When You Choose Me to Sell Your Home...I Will Ensure You Straight Forward Answers, to these & any other questions you may have. 

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